How to Budget for Traveling With A Party of Six or More People

Summary: Traveling with a large group of people can be complicated but there are some guidelines you can follow to save money during your travels.

When traveling with a large group of people there are a few things you should consider to make the trip as headache-free as possible.

Book Accomodations Early

Book flights months in advance to get the best prices and guarantee that you and the rest of your party are on the same flight to your destination. Traveling tends to be the most expensive near major holidays, such as Christmas. To maximize savings, the party should look into travel dates that are not during busy times, if people’s schedules will allow it.

Arranging hotel accommodations early is also advised. Organize who will share rooms, what amenities they want, and what part of the city they want to stay in. Looking for rooms in advance increases the chances of finding rooms together at a decent price.

Rather than relying on public transportation, consider renting a car to drive around. Compare daily rates online for rental companies to get the best price, and you won’t have to wait around for taxis or buses. Major rental companies, like Hertz or Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC, offer great prices, especially when booked in advance.

Check Exchange Rates

Another great way of budgeting your travels with a large party is to check exchange rates. By calculating how strong your currency is, in comparison to the currency of your travel destination, you can get a better understanding of how far your money will go. For example, a car rental in Amman, Jordan would be less expensive than a car rental in Madrid, Spain, because the Euro is stronger than the Jordanian Dinar. In this sense, you and your party will get the best deals where your currency is the strongest, ultimately helping you save money.