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Wall Street slumps on worries about Fed, China, Greece

Stocks slumped at the open of trading in New York on Wednesday in response to further indications the Greek debt negotiations are ill fated — with European officials talking up emergency humanitarian plans for Greece should a euro exit happen — as well as further volatility, trading halts and deeper declines on the Chinese stock exchanges in the overnight session pushing the Shanghai Composite down 32% from its June high.

China’s stock meltdown: How far will the ripples go?

If a class of major stock market investors can be barred from selling their holdings at the whim of government regulators, can the exchange in that country really be called a market at all? It’s a question investors in China’s volatile economy must be asking themselves today, and many will have at least six months to ponder the question, because a government directive on Tuesday barred any individual or fund that holds more than 5 percent of the shares of a Chinese public company from selling their holdings for that period of time.